1. Waiting in the wings to go on was joyful – participants, volunteers, performers were all shaking hands. Time stood still. I remember walking up that hill, turning around to see a stadium of 80,000 people, with Elgar ringing in my ears and the stage manager very sweetly saying through my earpiece: “Ken, you’re on.”

    After our piece was done, and we walked backstage to change, we all turned around and saw what appeared to be Her Majesty the Queen parachuting into the stadium. There was what I can only describe as a great, big collective smile. It was a delicious moment – and another perfect expression of the sureness of tone that the ceremony seemed to set. It was a reflection of who we are – and a beautiful thing to be a part of.

  2. Am I just clouded by my O’Connor-itis or was that tapping in the beginning of Rio’s presentation?

  3. Is there anywhere I can watch the whole Olympic Closing Ceremony?

  4. that’s an unfortunate audio choice


  6. ERIC IDLE!!!!!

  7. Wow, I forgot that this song is called “You Should Be Dancing” and Ryan Seacrest told me that I should be dancing and I just said, “No, you should shut up.”

  8. Is the octopus supposed to be a reference to Octupus’ Garden? 

    Because NBC doesn’t know.

  9. How were people so quiet when Pure Imagination started? I just screamed.

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    Okay, I don’t mean to be rude but can we stop cutting to the athletes? I want to watch the closing ceremony, I already saw the athletes do their thing, now it’s time for the performers to do theirs.

  11. Imagine Tribute



    excuse me while I cry my life 

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  12. Everyone’s talking about how great The Arctic Monkeys version of Come Together was. 

    I don’t actually think it was that good.

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    I apologize for these. It’s very late at night and I’m sleep deprived.

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    Let’s take a moment to think of those drummers who have been standing there drumming since the freaking industrial revolution